Director Of Engineering

Job Details

  • Type: Permanent Full-time
  • Location: In-person (Bangalore, India)
  • Reports To: CEO & CTO 
  • Number of Openings: 1

Job Description

As the Director of Engineering, you will be pivotal in shaping and executing our engineering strategy. You will provide our engineers leadership, mentorship, and direction, fostering a high-performance and continuous improvement culture. You will work closely with cross-functional teams and stakeholders to implement highly performant and optimized features on an exciting, unannounced FPS shooter game. 


  • Oversee development of front and backend
  • Participate in sprint planning, interim sprint check-ins, and code reviews
  • Help create and review TDDs
  • Set up goals and milestones based on our product roadmap
  • Regular follow-ups on engineering progress and quickly resolving any bottlenecks
  • Help in hiring new team members, including filtering, interviewing, and evaluating written tests
  • Dedication to engineering best practices and a relentless determination to improve our engineering processes
  • Regular 1:1’s with the team members to give direct and specific feedback (including written start, stop continue every month) and to provide specific guidance on how to improve.


  • Prior extensive hands-on experience in developing mobile games
  • Experience as Director of Engineering or similar position
  • Experience in managing an engineering team with a minimum of 5+ engineers
  • Experience in managing client, backend, and liveops technology
  • Experience in shooters, MMO, or multiplayer games is a plus.

Eligibility & Cultural Fit

  • Before applying, please review our LILA Games | Business Values ( document. We take our culture incredibly seriously and will not accommodate a Values mismatch in our company. So please make sure your Values are in alignment before you apply!

Application Process

  1. Resume: Submit your resume using the application form below. 
  2. Evaluation: Give us a few days to evaluate your resume and contact you. 
  3. Video Interviews: We will schedule several video interviews if selected
  4. Offer: If selected, we will send you a formal offer letter, including compensation and other logistical details
  5. On-boarding: Before joining, we require some reading and a complete understanding of our Values & Culture. We will send some tasks and materials to review before you sign your offer letter. 

Lila Games is a learning organization, and one of the fundamental principles of our company is to unlock human potential with learning through challenging work so people become masters of their craft. You can expect to supercharge your learning once you get into this role, but hard work and effort are expected.

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