Art Manager

Job Details

  • Type: Permanent Full-time
  • Location: In-person (Bangalore, India)
  • Reports To: CEO or AD
  • Number of Openings: 1

Your mission is to be the driving force behind a game art team striving to be one of the world’s best.

You will guide the art team to shape the visual identity of our unannounced extraction shooter. In this role, you will not only shape a game but also craft a legacy—a timeless visual narrative that captivates and resonates. With your leadership, creativity and productivity will flourish, setting new benchmarks in gaming artistry and captivating players like never before.


  • Collaborate with senior leadership to manage the art production and objectives for the project, both in the long-term and immediate aspects.
  • Own the art delivery schedule and planning ensuring that all art requirements for development and live-ops + events are accounted for scheduled and delivered on time.
  • Create long term hiring plans and be the point person for hiring, onboarding, and managing the art team.
  • Ensure smooth communication between artists, other departments, and vendors, bridging creative and technical perspectives.
  • Work with the Art Director to mentor and guide the artistic team to deliver consistent and high-quality assets, ensuring alignment with the game’s vision.
  • Ensure art assets are consistently used across marketing and communications materials.
  • Oversee the production pipelines of all game art, from concept sketches to finalized 3D models and environments.
  • Advocate for the team’s artistic needs, securing tools and resources necessary for success.
  • Mentor and coach artists across all disciplines and build long term career plans.


  • A proven track record of leading and shaping art teams within the gaming industry.
  • Experience delivering high-quality art for major game projects.
  • Strong understanding of various art production methodologies and tools, from 2D to 3D, and concept to post-production.
  • Detailed knowledge of art production pipelines for games.

Before applying, please review our LILA Games | Business Values ( document. We take our culture incredibly seriously and will not accommodate a Values mismatch in our company. So please make sure your Values are in alignment before you apply!

Application Process:

  • Resume: Submit your resume and any portfolio content using the application form below.
  • Review: Give us a few days to fully review your information and get back to you with potential next steps.
  • Written Assessment: You will receive assessments that should be completed and submitted within the deadline and you will also be asked to do one of the assessments on a live interview.
  • Video Interviews: We will schedule a few video interviews with various cross-discipline key stakeholders
  • Offer: If there is alignment, we will set a call to present an offer followed up with a formal offer letter, including compensation and other logistical details
  • On-boarding: Before joining, we require reading and a complete understanding of our values and culture. We will send some tasks and materials to review before you sign your offer letter.

Lila Games is a learning organization, and one of the fundamental principles of our company is to unlock human potential with learning through challenging work so people become masters of their craft. You can expect to supercharge your learning once you get into this role, but hard work and effort are expected.

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