Backend Developer

Job Description
We are looking for a backend developer for a massive mobile shooter game. This is a complex game with lots of systems at work. It will require a fine-tuned backend architecture which is performant and scalable.
You will own the whole architecture from APIs to databases. It will be your responsibility to make sure we have a fully optimised backend infrastructure. Modelling APIs and data in the most efficient way for a high concurrent user base.
  • Build scalable and optimised backend APIs using Golang
  • Experience working with relational & document databases
  • Experience in developing and maintaining live services (troubleshooting, monitoring)
  • Work with designers and client developers to structure the APIs and database
  • Implement Admin tools for live ops, events and economy tweaking
  • Ensure that the backend is secure against hacks like replay attacks or tampering with API calls/data
  • Help evaluate and improve backend architecture for the company
  • Participate in code reviews
  • Hands-on experience in working with Kubernetes.
  • Hands-on experience with Golang.
  • Experience in docker and containerisation
  • Solid understanding of cloud platforms like AWS/Azure/GCP
  • Strong familiarity with system design, algorithms and data structures.
  • Experience in writing APIs and cloud database
  • Experience in CI/CD environments
  • Bonus: Experience in real-time multiplayer backend/networking/Games is plus
  • Bonus: Experience with any BAAS platform (NAKAMA/Playfab/Gamesparks)
Eligibility & Cultural Fit
  • Before applying please review our LILA Games | Business Values document. We take our culture incredibly seriously and we will not accommodate a Values mismatch in our company. So please make sure your own Values are in alignment before you apply!
Application Process:
  1. Resume+ Written test: Submit your resume using the application form below. As soon as you submit your application using the link below, you will receive an email with details on the written test. We generally give 7 days from receipt of this email to return the test.
  2. Video Interviews: Based on the resume and the evaluation of the written test, we will schedule a number of video interviews if selected.
  3. Offer: If selected, we will send you a formal offer letter including compensation and other logistical details
  4. On-boarding: Before joining, we require some reading and a full understanding of our Values & Culture. We will send some tasks and materials to review before you sign your offer letter.
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